As a person who grew up on Ruskin Bond, Jim Corbett and Kenneth Anderson – The Corbett Landscape holds a special place in my heart. I visited Corbett National Park for the first time in 2008. When I reached Ramnagar, what I saw was not a village of 4 huts but a sprawling town with over a 100 resorts, all of which claimed to be ‘eco-friendly’ and yet had 24 hour air conditioned rooms, with dance floors, conference halls and the likes. In the decades that passed since those books were written, the landscape had undergone  tremendous transformation for the worse. I felt very strongly that this had to be corrected. In 2009, when I met a like minded friend, we decided to setup a benchmark in sustainable co-existence. We strongly believe that eco-tourism should be centred around viability and not profitability. This is the cornerstone of our approach.

You can read about our activities and ethics in the ‘About Us’ section. Between 2009 and 2016 we restored the degraded flora at Khetiyo and kept it as a private estate meant only for friends and family to enjoy some quiet time in the woods. In 2016, we joined hands with Linger to open our model of wildlife viewing to interested visitors. We do not focus on safaris. We encourage our guests to explore the area on foot as it had always been by the village folk and have trails clearly marked out. What could be more environment friendly than walking? We are not a resort. We do not have a dance floor. We do not host conferences either. We are a jungle home, a place you go to if you are interested in being one with nature. If you love wandering in the woods, if you love losing yourself while gazing away at the stars,  if you want to experience the Uttarakhand that Jim Corbett wrote about or the Garhwal which Ruskin Bond romanticised, come visit us. If you have never done any of that, you have certainly missed out on a lot and now is as good a time as ever to get started. We await your mail or a call .

  • shilpa
    Where air, sky, water, people are so clear, your mind ought to get clear. @khetiyo thank you for the most, spiritually, mentally, physically, socially enlightening experience of my life #khetiyo #jimcorbette#travel #always
  • shilpa
    Chk then out @khetiyo. It's a place where you will experience jungle's heart
  • tanmay
    @khetiyo Khetiyo is an experience ... we loved your services and especially your team
  • Ritu Chopra

    I loved the whole experience of wilderness and walking/ staying in the jungle with a constant reminder, that we are been watched by the King of the Jungle- The tigers.

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