Where it all began

Nestled in the Mandal Valley, is a piece of land that takes one back to the days of pure wilderness and leaves one spell bound!
The property is located on the banks of river Mandal. This village was abandoned in the 1960s and was reclaimed by the wild. The founders of Khetiyo stumbled upon this piece by accident in 2010 and were so taken aback by its virgin beauty that they decided to make an example of it.
Thus was born Khetiyo Estate.
​A stay at Khetiyo Estate will take you back to an era gone by, the days of the raj, when an outing meant lazing on the machaan waiting for nothing in particular but hoping for a lot, while sipping hot tea and delicious biscuits, when jeep safaris where unheard of, when books and silence was your best friend and when “ghooming at dawn” was invented. The mystique of the Indian jungle had in the old days drawn the Corbetts, the Andersons and the likes from all over the world. The joy of untamed wilderness all around – the groan of the langurs, the trumpets, the stars for company, the river gushing by and the occasional roar of the king himself – ah sheer bliss.

“When all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful”
–Ruskin Bond

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