A stroll in the woods


Before project tiger was introduced in 1974 and jeep safaris became the norm, the indian jungle was always explored on foot. The elitists rode elephants to cover great distances but the last mile was always on foot. Being on foot brings out a very primal instinct. It makes you notice the smaller things – the birds, the breeze, the water etc. Kenneth Anderson had a name for this – Ghooming. We intend to bring it back. On foot, even a chital makes for a hair raising experience. You will accompanied by a naturalist and a friendly village folk who will brief you on security measures.  While ghooming, you can go foraging in the woods for some light meals. The Garhwali  are known to have perfected the art of living off the land.  By the end of the day, you’ll get a perspective of the naturalist marveling at the wonders around him as well as a forest dweller who lives with them. The insights and contrasts that exist in these perspectives cannot be put down in words. It has to be experienced.​

Come rediscover the lost art of ghooming at Khetiyo.

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